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An image of an image. This is an image placeholder, which holds an image. It represents all images, and any image. It is created in 3d (with shadow) to show it is a 3d representation of a 2d image. The “X” represents the “wireframe” of an image or wireframe of its shape.

This image was created at the Wikipedia Illustrated workshop at Transmediale February 2011. It was uploaded to Wikipedia and is now resident at the following url:

image of an image

an image of an image + all images

An image (from Latin imago) is an artifact

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Feb 10th, 2011

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  1. mushon Jun 2nd, 11

    Hey Nicole,
    I just noticed that your “image of an image” was removed from the Wikipedia article. I found this line in the history page:

    04:14, 3 March 2011 Cybercobra (talk | contribs) (4,624 bytes) (I don’t think the placeholder adds much or that the dict def merits primary placement)

    You can check it here
    Moreover, there seems to be a new image there since yours was removed.
    What is your take on this?

    • NIcole Jun 28th, 11

      Hi Mushon, Yes, I spotted that!!!! Funny when you read behind the scenes, the wiki-police governing what is ok, and not…. Its even funnier that it appears to be a wholey undemocratic process. 1 vote / voice… – boom! Ah, well, it was fun while there. Thanks for the heads up. I hope your project is going well. I see some nice new illustration are up. Keep up the good work.

      Best, Nicole

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