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Drawing For Wikipedia workshop in Art, Environment, Action! at Parsons

As part of the Art, Environment, Action! exhibition at Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons in New York City, I (Michael Mandiberg) will be giving a 3 2 day workshop on making visual contributions to Wikipedia. (It was a three day workshop, but the first day is cancelled on account of Hurricane Sandy). We […]

Oct 30th, 2012

Transmediale was great!

A panel, a workshop, a project presentation, and more… They sure kept us busy at the Transmediale in Berlin. Wed, Feb 2nd – Lost In Open? We’ve learned a lot and got really warm feedback from the participants in all of the events. We were especially happy how fruitful was Wikipedia Illustrated in… ahm… illustrating […]

Feb 27th, 2011

10 years to Wikipedia, 10 illustrators debating for 4 hours

This Saturday Wikipedia celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we celebrated our first workshop. We invited some of the best illustrators in Israel to join us for a pretty peculiar meeting where they would share their process and consider contributing their work to Wikipedia. Zev Engelmayer, Dani “Hatayas” Meirav, Yirmi Pinkus, Einat Peled, Guy Saggee, Eitay Riechert, […]

Jan 16th, 2011