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Wikipedia Illustrated talk @Mutamorphosis

Mushon Zer-Aviv & Galia Offri present their paper within the panel Limits of Collaboration: The Revolution of the Geniuses or the Downfall in Middlingness at International conference MutaMorphosis in Prague, Czech Republic. Share:EmailTwitterRSS

Jun 9th, 2013

Video from the Open Knowledge Festival

Starting at minute 27:26 Or watch it on Bambuser More about the festival in the previous post.   Share:EmailTwitterRSS

Sep 18th, 2012

400 seconds of Wikipedia Illustrated

We had the pleasure and honor to participate in the 13th event of Pecha Kucha Tel Aviv. Pecha Kucha is an exciting format where each presenter has 20*20seconds slides to get their message across. PK-TLV runs the largest PK events in the world and the 4000 tickets sold out in less than 2 hours. We […]

Jul 4th, 2012

Intimate presentation at Wikimania 2011

Though the talk was not very well attended we did get a very interesting discussion going on at Wikimania 2011. We found this video documentation on YouTube and despite its low quality thought you might enjoy it after all. Share:EmailTwitterRSS

Aug 10th, 2011

Transmediale was great!

A panel, a workshop, a project presentation, and more… They sure kept us busy at the Transmediale in Berlin. Wed, Feb 2nd – Lost In Open? We’ve learned a lot and got really warm feedback from the participants in all of the events. We were especially happy how fruitful was Wikipedia Illustrated in… ahm… illustrating […]

Feb 27th, 2011

Short interview for A New Day’s Work

At the end of our panel discussion at Transmediale we were approached by Zachary McCune from “A New Day’s Work” for a short interview. http://vimeo.com/19679280 Zach made a pretty cool video and a nice blogpost from a very low-tech phonecam interview. Thanks for the support guys 🙂 Share:EmailTwitterRSS

Feb 16th, 2011