Something happened earlier, so other things might happen later…

"Bad Rest", markers on paper

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
—John Lennon

In the last few months you might have noticed a slowing in our publishing pace. This is due to some things that are happening in our personal lives which we thought we might address here.

In December 2010 we found out we were pregnant. While this came as a surprise, we felt the timing was good and that September is a good deadline for us to work with. The plan was to finish the work in time to launch the book in the Wikimania conference in August 2011, and to present it with a huge pregnant belly.

Well, these were the plans, but then life happened. Pregnancy proved to be a bit of a bumpy ride and we found ourselves spending months in and out of hospitals. And then, life happened, quite literally. Our son was born two weeks ago, almost three months earlier than planned.

We now spend most of our time going back and forth between home and the hospital where our beautiful preterm boy Yotam will be staying for most of the summer until it is safer for him to be exposed to the world. This obviously affects our priorities and hence our productivity working on the project.

But luckily we’re not alone.

We’ve been getting some exciting new submissions from the slowly growing Wikipedia Illustrated community with interesting pieces like Tal Stadler’s Utopia and Richard Loria’s Disturbing the Peace. We will try to extend the size of the guest gallery and to improve the submission workflow and its visibility on the site.

Beyond that, we will be participating in Wikimania afterall (though the belly might be smaller than initially planned). We will present the project and might also have some other exciting announcements (but we’re careful about over-planning at this point : ). Towards Wikimania we will also try to slowly get back to illustrating and publishing new works. There are some exciting sketches Galia has been working on in the hospital which we would like to post in the coming few weeks.

Thank you for your patience and support, ’cause it’s a long way to go, but in the meantime…


Jul 2nd, 2011

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