Drawing For Wikipedia workshop in Art, Environment, Action! at Parsons

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As part of the Art, Environment, Action! exhibition at Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons in New York City, I (Michael Mandiberg) will be giving a 3 2 day workshop on making visual contributions to Wikipedia. (It was a three day workshop, but the first day is cancelled on account of Hurricane Sandy). We will be building on the work of Wikipedia Illustrated and others, and will be posting some of our drafts and/or final work here. Our goal will be to use visual language to explain complex concepts without over simplifying them. This could range from the factual, such as diagrams of biological or chemical phenomena, maps of environmental issues/disasters, or charts, to the poetic or expressive. Artists, scientists, illustrators, environmental historians, designers, activists, and Wikipedians were invited to this collaborative workshop. Over the next week+, you will hopefully see the results of this effort here on Wikipedia Illustrated. – Michael


For more info, please visit the workshop page.

Art, Environment, Action! is a creative laboratory that brings together 16 internationally renowned artists/artist collectives and designers to explore art as, and in, environmental action. Over 11 weeks, the gallery will function as an active learning environment and a lively locus of exchange on ecological issues through movement, media, visual and performance art, and design.

Participating artists include: Beehive Design Collective; Stefani Bardin, Toby Heys, and Siddharth Ramakrishnan; Beatriz da Costa; Ecoarttech; Futurefarmers; Michael Mandiberg; Jennifer Monson/iLAND; Beverly Naidus; Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science; Red 76; Stephanie Rothenberg; Jill Sigman; Trade School; and Tattfoo Tan.

Oct 30th, 2012

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