Deviants (we’re back!)

After a long time away from this baby focusing on that baby, we’re back! (baby!)

Wikipedia Illustrated was invited to participate in Deviants, a new exhibition opening in the Israeli Center for Digital Art on February 18th. Deviants is an exhibition that deals with gestures. Deviating from the mass communication’s normal conditions, the artworks in the exhibition sabotage it. Participating artists: Orit Adar-Bechar, Dor Guez, Amir Yaziv, Elisheva Levy, Roy Menachem Markovich, Nir Evron, Galia Offri & Mushon Zer-Aviv (that’s us), Lenka Clayton, Alona Rodeh, Guy Saggee, missdata. Curator: Ran Kasmy- Ilan.

We will be presenting the project in a dedicated room with a special Wikipedia Illustrated installation translating the project into physical space. (here’s a sneak preview of the space during the installation process)

We hope to see you at the opening, in the following artist talks and events, and mainly back here in the site.

Facebook event:

Feb 8th, 2012

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