CUNY students illustrating Wikipedia

The class at Cuny through our Skype window

Michale Mandiberg, a man of many virtues has taken the initiative and led the first Wikipedia Illustrated class assignment. Michael teaches Digital Imaging at CUNY Staten Island and both his work and teaching revolves around copying, fair use and free culture. Some of the students works have been posted to the guest page on our blog and so you can browse the student’s drafts for articles such as Teleportation, Fear of Clowns and more… The works have not been posted to Wikipedia yet so please feel free to comment on the drafts.

Earlier in the process we have joined the class for a Skype presentation and provided our feedback on the works. We hope to further evolve this model of collaboration through class assignments and to collaborate with more students and teachers around the world.

Big thanks to Michael and the CUNY team.

Our Skype window through the class at Cuny

May 28th, 2011

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