Cropping the “Moustache”

A few months ago we’ve received a great illustration for the “Moustache” article. The illustration was designed by Yanka as a vector poster featuring 12 different moustache types, as described in the Wikipedia article.

The poster has been featured on the Wikipedia article but since Wikipedia’s layout requires small thumbnail images and does not allow for convenient zoom-in features, the details are lost and the text is unreadable. Following the discussion on the site we realized this is actually a great opportunity for us to explore the collaborative potential of vector illustration. Since Wikipedia does support thumbnail galleries, it would actually be more useful to separate the different moustache illustrations into separate files and have each one of them enjoy the full size of the frame.

I have used Yanka’s file, played with the colors a bit to use a color tone more representative of the moustache, and created 12 different SVG files. They are now proudly featured as their own Moustache styles gallery in the Wikipedia article page.



May 4th, 2012

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