At the Open Knowledge Festival, Helsinki

This week we’ll be presenting Wikipedia Illustrated and participating in other events at Helsinki’s Open Knowledge Festival. We would love to see you there:

Monday, Sep 17, 5pm
Open Publishing and Visual Free Culture
 – A satellite event hosted by M-Cult and Pixelache

Thursday, Sep 20th, 4pm
Open Source Hardware for Renewable Energy + Manufacturing in Motion + Wikipedia Illustrated
 – presentation and discussion as a part of the Open Design topic stream

Thursday, Sep 20th, 6:30pm
Life in the Urban Panopticon Discussion –
a panel discussion on privacy and policy in public space as a part of the Open Cities topic stream

Saturday, Sep 22th, 10am
 a workshop hosted by Pixelache and the Mushrooming Network and actively exploring the dark side of InfoVis

Sep 16th, 2012

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