Folie à deux

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During my second year in Bezalel, one of my projects was to illustrate a  psychiatric syndrome called Folie à deux. This is a very rare complicated syndrome, and I hope that my illustration will help to better understand it.

and this is my illustration:

Folie à deux


This case study is taken from Enoch and Ball's 'Uncommon Psychiatric Syndromes' (2001, p181): Margaret and her husband Michael, both aged 34 years, were discovered to be suffering from folie à deux when they were both found to be sharing similar persecutory delusions. They believed that certain persons were entering their house, spreading dust and fluff and "wearing down their shoes". Both had, in addition, other symptoms supporting a diagnosis of emotional contagion, which could be made independently in either case

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Aug 16th, 2011

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  1. mushon Aug 20th, 11

    I love it.
    What’s the technique you used here? It seems pretty analog comparing you your vector Moustache illustrations.

  2. yanka Aug 20th, 11

    Pantones on Paper, 50X70 CM
    It was quite challenging, especially because I did it 3 times…

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