Disturbing The Peace Update

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Riot Police

By Chris Brown (originally posted to Flickr as Riot Police)


By Brian Stansberry (Own work)

Many local ordinances prohibiting disturbance of the peace exhibit a problematic degree of vagueness, occasionally to the point that courts deem them unconstitutional (in United States law) or violative of due process (in both United States and Commonwealth jurisdictions).

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Jun 9th, 2011

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  1. mushon Jun 9th, 11

    Other than flipping the image horizontally so the word “police” does not appear flipped on the back of one of the policemen, I think this is ready for prime time!. nice work…

    • richardloria Jun 9th, 11

      I realized there is something that I missed. If you look at the officer at the right side, a piece of his front helmet is cut out, I didn’t even notice this until this morning. I can fix this part real quick if it isn’t a big deal and for the horizontal issue, I can flip the entire image and revert the second image of the police officers back to the original position, but the first image will be reversed as well and the word ‘police’ on the middle guy of the first image will be backwards, but it won’t be noticable since it is very light on the image.

      • mushon Jun 10th, 11

        sounds good. I think you can then upload it to Wikimedia Commons and post a new post with a title like “Disturbing The Peace – Uploaded”

      • richardloria Jun 10th, 11

        Sent in the updated fixed image/post. Also I uploaded my image to the wikipedia page of this article.

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