We’re illustrating Wikipedia articles and we want you to join us!

Obviously you don’t need us to start contributing visually to Wikipedia, but we thought you might want to share your process with us here too. In case that is indeed true, feel free to register as a user and email us (imagine(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) so we can upgrade your account to post your latest drafts.

Our system is not as fancy as Wikipedia’s but we hope you would find it simple enough to use. We’re using WordPress for this site and will for now have to confirm every post before its published (again… not as fancy as Wikipedia). We promise to live up to the creative openness we are trying to promote.

What do we expect to see in a guest post

  1. The title of the Wikipedia Article you chose
  2. A link to the Wikipedia page
  3. A quote (just a few sentences) from the Wikipedia article
  4. A draft or the final image you made (more than one draft is also welcomed)

We will try to contact you soon after you submit your post for moderation. But you’re always welcomed to contact us at imagine(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Some Tips

How to upload images to WordPress:

The basics of writing a post: